Im now writing my report about Germany and the concert, oh god, its gonna be long! I already have two pages just for introduction!


When I came back last Monday from Germany, after 4 days without, the first thing I read is that Dir en grey is releasing a new single in January….hell yes…!
Its been almost a year after their last release of another single and we will have new stuff for next year. The new cd seems to be close!

NEW SINGLE 『LOTUS』 2011.01.26 RELEASE 11/26 up
【Initial Limited Version】 CD+DVD SFCD-0078~79 ¥1,890 (tax in)
【Original Version】 CD only SFCD-0080 ¥1,260 (tax in)

Manufactured by FIREWALL DIV.
Distributed by Sony Music Distribution(Japan)Inc.

Everybody is saying that it would be a ballad almost for sure. Really,the titles suggest calm, but I would love another hard song. But ballads are always welcome as well.
So, bye bye euros! Mean cdjapan for already put it up so we could make the preorder…

Lets see how it goes…

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