Getting ready for the coldー

Pretty much what the title says.
The bad thing about living in the south is that travelling always means to change from my lovely weather to a rougher one. Its almost December, and even if this week the temperatures here went down, we have still such a good and lovely weather.

Where is the problem?
That next thursday Im leaving to Germany and Im really scared about two things; my awful german skills and the weather. Getting lost is another point of the list, but its pretty much included in the section that I barely cant speak german.

As its more than obvious, I cant take a suppa fast german lessons that help me, but Im trying to get all directions right and printing all the maps I find  hahaha.
About the cold ( my friend told me they are 8ºC at day, 0ºC at night), I bought a thick coat that I saw in a shop a month ago.

I dont know why cause it looks like grey in the pic, its totally black. Weird things that flash do. I took from my parents home some of my winter clothes, the ones I use when we go to Granada in winter ( there, there is snow and cold weather), so I think I wont die, for now:p

My umbrellas<3

I should made a list of things that I need to get ready for the trip. Im really, really excited, as well as scared hahaha.


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