MTV Europe Music Awards @ Puerta Alcalá (Madrid)

Well, this is one of the best starts for a blog that one could wish!!!

I attended yesterday to the free concert held in Puerta Alcala, Madrid for the MTV EUROPE MUSIC AWARDS. You know, the main act was indoors and I think that tickets were mostly invitations but they announced last Tuesday ( I think?) that Linkin Park and Katy Perry were chosen to play for free in Puerta Alcala. 30S to Mars were added later.

I have to say that the fact that I couldnt make to go to LP London`s show left such a bitter taste in my mouth that this sounded so great.  At first, news were kinda confusing, were they just playing one song? a whole set? a short set? Finally, it got clear that each artist would play like for an hour as much, and one song would be aired on the MTV act later.

I was so lazy this week that I took so much to buy my bus ticket to Madrid and I waited until Friday to do it.  I bought it by internet and I couldnt choose the hour I wanted for back so I had to back sooner that expected which made me fear that I would have to lose some LP songs as they were playing last.

So, I took my bus at morning and arrived in Madrid like 14:15 more or less.

Sample of my tired face. Some censorship for saferness.

I found my way to arrive by subway to the stop “Retiro” And from there it was so easy to spot where was the stage.

See? Just going out from Subway and saw that. I previously had phoned a friend to meet up there but she told that she just woke up so I was like eeerrrr Ok, see you there! xD
I knew lots of people were going but sh*t, never imagined such an amount of people standing there waiting for the shows at 15:00!

God bless free events eh?

The stage before the fun started!

But the fun didnt take so much time to start! Around 15:30 Linkin Park appeared on stage! At first, it was a bit confussing as most people claimed that they were actually performing. But Chester said something like : Woah first time doing soundcheck in front of so many people! ( more or less, dont quote me on that!) So in that moment I knew it was just a soundcheck but god, what an amazing soundcheck!They did like 5 songs? as if it was actually a performance. It was sooo great that people around started to say: So they are not gonna play again?. Fortunatly, when Chester said goodbye to the audience he added: See you later! So yeah, they were playing again.

As funny note, some members did their farewell or their ” see you later” in spanish, like Mike shinoda saying a perfect ” Gracias por venir” or Phoenix ” Gracias por todo”. But when it was Joe`s turn to speak he was like: mmm alejandro? alejandro and alejandro. I cracked. More cause his face told something like: what  do I know in spanish? xD
He also took some shoots of the audience, even requesting to make some gestures as the horns or the middle finger. After that, they left and their set was gone.

Then, I think it was two hours standing, more people arriving and less space to breathe lol!
Around 18:30 the  host appeared on stage and talk a little bit. He  thanked the security people and that things, and then announced that 30 Seconds to Mars were comming to the stage. I might say that the singer was before on stage to take a picture with the large crowd as background. All in white clothes. Well, back to the topic, he announced the band and the minutes were passing and no one was on stage. People started to complain when 5 minutes had already passed and the host came again into stage to tell us that the band was getting ready balbalbalba. So, he said their name again and people screamed in anticipation and they were in stage 2 minutes later. Oh those bands that love that fans wait and cheer for them :p

I dont know too much about them, to be honest. I have listen a couple of song so it was a first try. They are not my style  but it was a nice performance. The singer seemed hyper and asked people to get closer to the stage. Wrong request Dude. People started to push and it was a chaos.   They played 4 songs ( copy and paste)
1. This Is War
2. Search And Destroy
3. Hurricane (feat. Kanye West)
4. Closer To The Edge

With a special west, Kayne west. When I saw him appearing on stage I was like Holy Sh/t! we are gonna have a moment like Taylor Swift and he is gonna cut Jared leto performance and said ” Im sorry Jared, but Linkin Park has one of the best lives of ALL TIMES!”. But he didnt, obv xDD

Then, It was Kate Perry turn. It took a lot to get her stages set  ready, even if she barely had musicians or equipament but I suppose it was a matter of the scene itself. She used fireworks and other stuff in her performance, where she presented her new single “Firework”. She played:
1. Hot ‘N Cold
2. I Kissed A Girl
3. Firework
4. Teenage Dream
5. Peacock
6. California Gurls

Well, I just knew the first song, the second I knew that existed and the last is the one my flatmate uses as alarm clock. Thanks Katy for reveal me the mistery of the name of that song that she puts every f*cking morning to wake me up when Im sleeping peacefully. She did a nice perfomance, so into her sexy but innocent sexy girl. She even changed her outfit.
and the fireworks were amazing. I have to say that she is really beautiful. I mean, I thought she would be a photoshoop product but not really. She looked as good as in the pics I saw before her.

So finally, it was Linkin park turn! It took them like 20 minutes to set up again the stage and I started to get on my nerves hahaha I had to leave at 22:00 o clock as later and I was like please, stop testing stuff and start the show! xDD  The crew took pictures with the crowd as background again. Im sure it must be so amazing have so many people behind you!

The host came out again, with a MTV Award in his hand. He explained that it was a surprise for Linkin park, and the band came out and received it for the Best Live. They thanked everybody and left again. They were back again shortly  and yeah, it was the beggining of the show! Mike came with sunglasses on and he kept them for the most of the show. They played 20 songs, which I lost two cause I had to leave (damn you, bus) but it was really really an amazing show.

1. The Requiem
2. Wretches and Kings
3. Papercut
4. New Divide
5. Faint (Extended Outro)
6. Empty Spaces
7. When They Come For Me
8. Waiting For The End
9. Wisdom, Justice and Love
10. Iridescent
11. Numb
12. The Radiance
13. Breaking The Habit (Acapella Outro)
14. Shadow Of The Day
15. Fallout
16. The Catalyst
17. The Messenger
18. In The End
19. What I’ve Done
20. Bleed It Out (with «A Place for my Head» verse and bridge)

They played a lot of songs I love, and the audience was totally connected with them, which makes it even cooler. Singing their songs along with thousands of people. I had to leave my spot at the 16th song and listen two other songs while I was leaving looking for the subway entry, it was so emotive listen to In the end, sitting in the subway stair talking with my friend by phone like DAMN MEEEEE xDDD But It was ok.

To sum it up, it was so great and I didnt regret to have gone to Madrid on my own to watch them. I was really sad of not being able to go to London cause Im already leave for Germany at the end of the month for other band`s show that when I read they were playing and for Free! it was really like a heaven`s sign hahaha.

So thats all folks! Today I searched in youtube and found some videos but Im just gonna put the official one whick was aired at the main event of Mtv.

I cant wait to see them again!

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