Apocalyptica @ La Riviera, Madrid

Well, I attended this show like… three weeks ago more or less, but why shouldnt I write down here  the review too? I even plan to post here the summer gigs I attended so….

Let`s go al turron!

My decision to go to this live came out of the blue, you know. I didnt plan it but checking Tickermater.es. I saw their show in Hot News and I was like…mmm why not? They played a tour in summer with one of my favourite bands, Dir en grey, so I watched some of their videos during this  and was really curious about how they would sound in live. I mean….metal with chellos? that`s crazy. Such combination was hard to imagine for my silly mind.

I bought my ticket at the end of September, more or less, when I was already back in Seville and uni started. Really it was kinda crazy,  lessons just started and I was planning to skip a day to go to a concert when I already had one planned for  November in Germany. Yeah…..

I arrived to Madrid the 14th so early, it was barely 8 am so I was like what to do? My friend told me that she was going to the venue early but not that much hahaha So, I did some sightseeing on my own.  Can you guess where I went? To Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid  stadium.

I have been in Madrid a couple of times, but I just went once to this stadium, in 1998 I think, with my father who is a huge fan of the soccer club. We have a pic togather in the main door so it was kinda of nostalgic in the good sense. I took some pictures and left to a walk. About 10 am I decided to go to check the venue as I never been there and I really have no idea of how get there. I just knew the subway stop, Principe Pío.

As there was no trace of a venue, I asked a policewoman who pointed me the way to get there. But the street was long as hell and some paths were closed so I got lost again and asked again to a man that pointed me again the way. I walked a lot, to be honest, more without knowing exactly where the venue was hahaha. When I was walking next to the door of Campo del Moro Park a guy who was doing footing stopped suddenly next to me. I got scared, and I was ready to hit him hahaha but he gave me this:

I was like Huh? and he told me ” Im sorry I dont have any flower for you, but the intention is what counts” and smiled. I smiled at him back and he left. I walked for some seconds with a WTF expression on my face xD Soon I saw the venue frame at the end of the street and next to a river, finally!

La riviera! hahhahaa
There was already a little group of people waiting, like 5, they were chatting so loud xD I asked them if they were making queue for Apocalyptica and they told me yes. So I sat next to them and in less than 15 minutes my friend appeared hahahaha

We didnt meet or have any contact since last time we went together to Milano, to see Dir en grey so it was a nice meeting and we have a lot of things to talk about.

The bus of the band arrived soon. Like 11 more or less. There were already more people on queue and they were so excited. My friend told me that she wanted a pic with the members which surprised me that were so easy, I mean, I must be used so much to japanese bands and their no-photos xD

The first one comming out from the bus as Mikko, the drummer. Suprise, he was wearing a Dir en gret Tshirt, the one that was sold out so soon in London. My friend took a pic with him and he signed our tickets.

I think that the guest singer, went out in this moment too, but people ignored him a bit. Poor Tipe Johnson. Mikko left after signing and taking pictures with fans. I asked my friend how could I say in finnish “I want your tshirt” and she told me. it was something like ” Jaulisin sina tpaita” if my mind serves me right. I repeated that line all afternoon trying to memorize it.

Next, was mister Perttu which obviously didnt want to be annoyed or even looked. He confused the door, and when the to  the main door where the fans were waiting and from what I was told, people asked him for a pic and he said “no”.  I could feel his negative aura when he passed by us, with his huge white sunglasses and his weird outfit.

I think that it was already 14:00 when I started to feel hungry as hell, and told my friend that I was leaving to a Burguer king that was so close to the venue. My friend wanted to wait there, as two member were still in the bus, but my stommach was clear so I went alone  and got some food.

When I came back to the venue, about 30 min later, nothing had changed.  But,10 minutes later, Mr Paavo went out, carrying his chello stuff. He looked at the few people in the Q like and said: Give me some minutes and I`ll back! 😀
I was like, Is he really going to back? If I were him I would take the chance and stay inside the safe venue:p

But he was back, and took his time to sign every ticket and take every pic that he was asked. Really, thumbs up for this guy! While he was chatting with fans, the last member, Eicca went out and take the chance to get into the venue almost with no one noticing him.
Clever guy!

Paavo asked all the people on Q to take a picture for their official facebook:

*pic for proof xD*

After that, everything went so smooth and we waited untilt they opened doors. Another friend arrived with her brother so our group was completed and we got out tickets out for getting inside soon!

Linvingstone was the name of the support band. I checked them before the show and I was surprised that they style didnt match at all Apocalyptica`s music. I mean, they were a good band but dont expect a metal or even a rock band. But as a said, they were really good. They played like 6 songs which names I dont know so Im sorry to not being able to post a proper setlist.  Their singer was amazing and totally was into the show. At first I was scared of the audience reaction, I hate when they start to scream or complain during the support band but this didnt happen. The band looked quite pleased with the audience`s reaction. They even were signing and taking pics with people at the end of the show.

Special mention to the mic stand. I loved it.

Then, Apocalyptica!

The stage!

Zoom of the background.

1.On the Rooftop With Quasimodo
4.Master of puppets (Metallica)
5.End of me
6.Im not Jesus.
7.Refuse/Exist (Sepultura)
11.Last Hope
12.Bring them to Light
13.Seek and Destroy (Metallica)
14.Inquisition Symphony (Sepultura)

1.At the gates of Manala
2.I dont care
3.Hall of the Mountain King

“Bittersweet” was really the most amazing moment of the concert. All the people in the audience was singing it while Apocalyptica was playing the melody. It totally sounded as if there was a singer, but it wasnt. Our voices sounded as one.

After Bittersweet, Perttu thanked the a audienced and spoke some spanish. I cracked with his ” Caramba” that sounded more like ” Carrrramba” xD
Video of how he introduced the band;

Other song to mention was “Bring them to light” which I already saw in youtube when Kyo sang it in their Us tour.

The last song of the encore was “Hall of the Mountain King”

They started to play it and at 0:35 Perttu started to play the notes of the famous ” oeoeoe” chant. Dude, you didnt know what you were doing. All the crowd started to chant until Paavo went to the middle of the stage and told us to shut up. He screamed ARE YOU READY? And obviously the answer was a f*cking yes.
The show ended after the normal farewells and so, and I left my spot and went to meet a friend who was in the back.

I think that is all folks!

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