Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!…..

…but this is not a cabaret!

This is gonna be one of my tries to make a decent blog, and the most difficult thing…keep it and update it in a regular basis.
sounds hard, doesnt it?

I suck at being constant when it comes to updating a blog *shame on me*
but lets see…
I might post about my daily life, normal stuff, random stuff….so really I cant say that this blog is gonna have a fixed topic. But I may warn you, its gonna be so music-centre.
I have the horrible and crazy habit to travel as much as can, and the 99% is for gigs.

The main language of this blog is gonna be english, even if Im not a native speaker but I love to use this Lingua Franca. But dont be scared or suprised if a spanish or even a japanese post appears.

So, that`s all for the first introduction post. I may add that I write this blog for me basically. Even if it might look as if Im talking to possible readers, I write for my own reading. That doesnt mean that readers are not welcome, but dont expect me to write as if someone else was reading this sh*t.

Well, see you guys in next post!

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